I am Bruce Clausen, professional hornist, composer, and music historian (Beethoven studies). I maintain an active teaching studio for horn players of all ages and abilities. My primary criterion for accepting a student is his or her ambition to play the horn with excellence and musicality. To achieve this goal I teach all aspects of horn playing, musicianship, and the technical knowledge base that all musicians need to play to their full potential . . . and beyond.

I accept serious students of the horn at all levels of proficiency. If you are prepared to embark on the road to horn mastery, I would be pleased to be your guide. I especially enjoy teaching and mentoring high school students who are preparing to play in college as music majors or minors.

To achieve the focus that I require—and that my students need—I limit my studio to 10 students per fall semester, spring semester, and summer.


I invite you to visit this website and learn more about me, my philosophy of teaching, and other aspects of horn playing. If what I can offer interests you, please use the Contact page to reach me by phone or email. I teach either in my home studio or at Nick Rail Music in Redlands.

(photos by Joseph Meyer)